New Testament Bible Study Series.

The gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) tell the story of Jesus, His life, and what He did to save us.  The book of Acts tells how the church grew and spread the good news about Jesus to all people.  These lessons below go through the book of Acts.  Some of the last lessons are not done yet, but will be posted when they are done.

154. Jesus Ascends into Heaven. Acts 1

155. Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost. Acts 2

156. Peter and John Heal a Lame Man. Acts 3

157. The Jews Judge Peter and John. Acts 4

158. The Church's Prayer and Life. Acts 4-5

159. The Stoning of Stephen. Acts 6-7

160. God's Word is Spread. Acts 8

161. Saul Becomes a Christian. Acts 9

162. Peter Preaches to Non-Jews. Acts 10

163. Peter Escapes from Prison. Acts 12

164. Barnabas and Saul's First Mission Trip.Acts 13

165. Barnabas and Saul in Asia. Acts 14

166. The Council in Jerusalem. Acts 15

167. Paul Begins Second Mission Trip. Acts 16

168. Paul Visits Thessalonica, Berea, and Athens. Acts 17

169. Paul Finishes His Second Mission Trip. Acts 18

170. Third Mission Trip, Paul in Ephesus. Acts 19

171. Paul Ends His Third Mission Trip. Acts 20

172. Paul Goes to Jerusalem. Acts 21

173. Paul Explains His Work. Acts 22

174. Paul in a Jewish Trial. Acts 23

175. Paul in a Roman Trial. Acts 24

176. Paul Sets Sail for Rome. Acts 27

177. Shipwrecked on the Island of Malta. Acts 27, part 2

178. Paul Preaches the Gospel in Rome. Acts 28