You know the feeling.  Two or three people come your door.  They want to enter your house.  They give you some of their brochures and tell you all about what they believe. How do you defend your faith?  How do you explain what the Bible really says?  These papers and studies will help you understand what other churches believe and how to tell them the truth about Jesus.  There will be more to come in the future!

Jehovah's Witnesses
See how the Jehovah's Witnesses' basic teachings compare with the Bible in a side-by-side comparison.  Here is another paper that states some JW teachings and then answers with Bible verses.

If the Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door, here is a short paper you can give to them.  Just remember, it is usually best not to invite them into your house to talk.  Be polite, tell them you believe that Jesus is Jehovah and Savior, and you don't want to talk with them, then shut the door.

This paper is similiar to the second JW paper.  It has some quotes from the Mormon teachings, then answers with Bible verses.

Also look at our Bible studies for more about any of these topics!